Gabriela M. Garcia, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Northeastern University

The Garcia Lab conducts cutting-edge research at the intersection of plants and people. We are especially interested in how plant population and community dynamics impact human well-being and management decision-making, and how those decisions feed back to influence ecosystem dynamics. 

Through cross-disciplinary, participatory, and collaborative research, we seek to support socio-ecological plant systems that preserve biodiversity and foster resilience to a changing climate. 

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Land Acknowledgement - Northeastern Marine Science Center

We acknowledge the territory on which Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center stands, which is the land of the Mattakeeset tribe of the Massachuset Nation and which has been inhabited by the Pawtucket and Naumkeag people. We honor and respect these peoples past, present, and future, their continuing presence in this region, and the enduring relationships that exist between them and these lands. We strive to be mindful of these relationships, and to integrate them into our research, teaching, decision-making, and actions, while also acknowledging that we still have much to learn.