Dr. Gabriela Garcia 

Principal Investigator Assistant Professor

Gabriela earned her bachelor’s degree from Boston College in psychology and philosophy and her Ph.D. in biology from Tufts University. Her research explores the feedbacks between plant ecological dynamics and human livelihoods and decision-making. She has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Fulbright Comission, the National GEM Consortium Fellowship, the NSF Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, and the Garden Club of America. She loves running, drawing, and going on adventures with her family. 

Current Lab Members

Paola Stuparich-Nouel

Research Technician

BS, MS Northeastern University

Paola joined the Socio-ecological Science and Solutions lab to work with The Nature Conservancy on their Adaptation in the Amazon and Africa project. She earned her  Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture and a Master's degree in Environmental Science and Policy at Northeastern University. Through her current project, she is excited to leverage conservation and her native Spanish to better the conditions for Amazonian communities and build relationships with partners in South America. She is an avid hiker and traveler, and loves experiencing new people, foods and landscapes whenever and wherever I can. When in Boston, she enjoys staying active as well as reading, painting and knitting.

Hannah Braslau

Research Technician, 

BS, Bates College

Hannah graduated from Bates College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. She joined the lab as a Research Technician and is excited about studying alternate bearing through a socio-ecological lens. She loves staying active by biking, horseback riding, and rock climbing. 

Lab Alumni

Abigail Thelusma

Co-op Student

BS Candidate

Northeastern University

Abigail is an undergraduate in Marine and Environmental Sciences. She joined the lab as a co-op research assistant to develop a research project on reproductive tradeoffs in blueberry through a socio-ecological lens. She loves reading.